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Here are the handouts and related files from various classes I've taught over the years.

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Game Reconstructions

Losing Loadum
A late 16th century trick taking game. Also the first game I ever reconstructed from its original sources. Done for a Laurel's Prize Tourney challenge put forth by Justin du Coeur (5/6/2006).

Another late period card game. Reconstructed to teach at Pennsic 37.

El Mundo - aka Four Player Backgammon
13th century backgammon varient from Alfonso X's Book of Games. Reconstructed to teach at Pennsic 37.

Other Game Classes

Game of Go
Basic introductory rules to the game Go.

Game of Tarot
Trick taking game which uses a tarot deck.

Talf Games
Introduction to the Talf family of games, focusing on the 7x7 and 9x9 boards.

Laugh and Lie Down Cheat Sheet
Cheat sheet for Justin's reconstruction of Laugh and Lie Down.

Shogi Moves
Cheat sheet for the moves of the pieces in Shogi.

Other Classes and Documentation

Intro to Mead Making
Introduction to mead making, with lots of useful information.

Laurel Challenge - Playing Cards
For the St. Festus Fair Laurel challenge, we made a set of woodblock printed playing cards.

Shire Game Rules

The following are the games played at our shire events. Clicking on each game will take you to the rules for that game.

Byzantine Chess
Chess of the Four Seasons
Fox and Geese
Game of Goose
Nard (Backgammon)
Nine Mens Morris

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