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Hopscotch board


The players take turns throwing a beanbag into the squares, starting with square number one. If the bag lands in the correct square, the player hops to that square on one foot, picks up the bag, turns around and hops back home. When hopping to or past either 1 and 2, 4 and 5, or 8 and 9 the players must land with one foot in each space. When they make it back home, they continue by throwing the beanbag into the next square and repeating the process.

If the player fails to throw the bag into the correct square, hops into the wrong square, touches their raised foot to the ground, touches a line, falls, or the bag lands on a line, that player's turn is over. On their next turn they will start with the same square.

The first player who finishes the sequence wins (players who started after that player should be given a chance to tie). You may want to set a time limit and then the player who gets the farthest in the sequence wins.

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