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Go board


The game of Go is usually played on a 19 x 19 board. For our tournament we are using a 9 x 9 board to give the players time to play other games. The object of the game is to gain and hold as much territory as possible. Starting with the blue stone, players take turns placing a stone on one of the 81 points made up from the intersections of the nine lines.

If a player is unable to make a move they may pass. The game is over when both players pass or when both players agree to end the game.


To score the game, first fill in any neutral points (not controlled by either player) with some extra stones. Any dead groups (groups that were not captured but could easily be captured) are conceded and removed, the stones going to the opponent as captured. A player's score is the number of open points that are surround by their stones minus the number of stones their opponent captured.

For example look at the diagram below. During play black took 7 prisoners and white took 6.

Go scoring example

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