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Here you will find my KoL Greasemonkey scripts and any other KoL stuff I end up doing.

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, requests or donations ;) please send me a kmail. If you want to send in a vote in favor of one of my "Maybe To Do"s, please do so - I'm still trying to figure out what direction to take with these scrips. Got an idea for a script you'd like to have? Let me know and maybe I can make it.

   - Wolffauer (#1137554)

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Potion Hints - Version 1.24

This script provides three things:
- It adds text under most usable items letting you know what they do (potion hints).
- It adds fullness, drunkness and spleen amounts to all consumables.
- It adds level requirements to all consumables.
- It helps identify and keeps track of what each Bang potion does.

The script will automatically download new potion info as updates are made. It will also automatically check for script updates. The Bang potion IDs are kept by character name so it is multi friendly. The IDs reset when you ascend, but if you play from multiple computers like I do, you can also click the reset button on the character page (note: the potions will need to be ID'd from each computer seperately)

Click on images for screen shots:

Known issues:
None that I'm aware of.

Maybe To Do:
- Add dusty bottle IDing?
- Try to track fullness and spleen like KoLMafia?
- Add a config screen?
- Finish supporting Use Multiple?

Desert Safety - Version 1.20

This script helps you safely adventure in the Arid, Extra Dry Desert, by keeping track of your hydration and providing a link to the Oasis when it is time to rehydrate.

Click on images for screen shots:
(none yet)

Maybe To Do:
(can't think of anything)

Clan Attack List - Version 1.00

This script allows you to create Clan Attack and Clan Avoid lists in your Clan War Room. These lists are then used to mark those clans in the Clan Attack list. Clans on your Attack list will be underlined and marked in green. Clans on your avoid list will have a strike through them and marked in red. This helps you quickly scan your attack list for those clans you wish to go after and makes it less likely you will attack the ones you shouldn't.

Click on images for screen shots:

Maybe To Do:
- Automate adding clans?
- Support for central list?
- Disable the radio button on Avoid clans?

Record Monitor - Version 0.07

For the info junky in all of us!
... Ok, for the info junky in me. This silly little script currently serves only one purpose. It stores the number of clan warfare wins as seen in the Hall of Records, and then displays the difference between that stored amount and the current amount. Good for monitoring how well your clan is doing compared to others. Click the "Change" column title to reset.

Click on images for screen shots:

Maybe To Do:
- Make is useful for people other then just me?
- Expand to be more flexible (monitor multiple records at once, config which records)?

Thank you to Tard, SomeStranger, Naltrexone and Picklish for creating some great scripts - both to use and learn from.
Thank you to everyone behind Hellion's Bang Potion guide, for pulling the data together that let me write my script. (Even though NS13 means predicting potions doesn't work any more).
Thank you to the folks who put together the KoL Wiki - source of most of my potion hint data
Thank you to Max Demian for making his Item Database available.
Thank you to the folks in the Chestnut Tree Cafe for ideas and testing.

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